Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Two-Parent Family with Seven Goslings

Gerald and I looked up from the breakfast table this morning to see two adult geese marching with great dignity across our lawn with their seven babies parading behind. How those children are growing! The family were on their way to the gravel in our long driveway to get some rock for their craws, I think. Later they turned back to the lakeside and headed south and eventually went back to water. They can also be seen down the lane crossing the gravel to get to our neighbor's wheat field.

I did not see the family when I took a walk around the lake at twilight last night, but one lonely goose was talking at the top of his voice the entire time I approached that side of the lake. We keep wondering if he has a mate someplace with a nest, but if so, Gerald has not found it. He stayed in place until I was very close. I tried talking to him soothingly as I approached assuring him I would not hurt him. But he left anyway. Jumping in and swimming out into the lake, he kept honking noisily.

Remembering my brother Jim's story this weekend about our father having a problem with his sheep herd being attacked by dogs or other animals, I started singing to the goose. The goose did not respond to the song. Jim had recalled that Daddy could not get the sheep to come up to safety at night. One evening with his work done, he went out on to the porch in the cooler air to play his violin. Before he knew it, here came the sheep. His problem was solved. He played for them each evening and they came up to their pen.

Although my singing did not attract the swimming goose back to lakeside, the goose's vocalizing may have had a similar effect on his friends. As if the honker had called them in, here came two geese from the field across the road below us to fly low over the water toward the other end of the lake. I stood and watched in awe at their beauty, strength, and skill as they glided rapidly through the air over the lake which was reflecting the pink and lavender twilight clouds above. As I continued walking, the sky was darkening and, thus, the lake was also. The ducks were gathered on the small dock near the lawn seemingly ready to settle down for the night. I undid the arms of my jacket tied around my waist and put it on and headed for the house.

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