Saturday, February 24, 2007

Good-bye Little Sis

"Our" little sister, Ernestine, left Saint Louis today for the flight home to Salt Lake City, where her husband Don would meet her for the drive back to Rock Springs, Wyoming. After cereal, juice, and coffee here at Woodsong, Gerald took her up to see Kenny again at the Siteman Cancer Center at Barnes.

Gerald came home with much enthusiasm at how good Ken was looking. He is close to two weeks into the treatment now. The last time Gerald, Keith, and Ernestine were up there, Ken had been full of extra fluid. But with gallons drained before today, Ken is through this first crisis, and his doctors say he is doing even better than they expected. Gerald said the doctor laughingly reminded Kenny he was not 25. But I bet not many 25-year-olds could sit on a dozer all day like he has. And I suspect Kenny could still tramp through the woods coon hunting as good as some 25-year-olds although he did give up hunting quite a while back, I guess because of his arthritis.

After lunch in Saint Louis with Mary Ellen and Brian, final picture taking, and final hugs, Gerald took Ernestine to Lambert, and walked with her as far as he was allowed to go. She was worrying about his driving home in possible ice, and he was worrying about her safe arrival back home. There was lots of rain for him to drive through, but no ice. Our daughter-in-law Vickie is at Palm Springs watching Notre Dame in a softball tourney there, and discussion about the games with Tara kept him awake as he drove home to Woodsong.

Vickie watches a game and makes phone call updates to Gerry in Mexico and Tara in Aurora. Erin had gone one-for-two in hitting during the first game, but unfortunately ND lost. We haven’t heard about the second game’s outcome yet, but I assume we will before the evening is over.

By now Ernestine is probably dining in Salt Lake with Don. Gerald has updated Keith and Garry on their brother, and he has gone up to see his friend "Bun" Handkins to tell him the latest news on Ken.

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