Friday, April 27, 2007

The corn is planted.

On Monday Gerald did help Brian some by going to Cyprus to get some kind of harness for some kind of farm machine. That allowed Brian to continue non-stop planting. By Tuesday, Brian was done with his corn planting and heading back to work in Saint Louis. The new planter must have worked well for him to be through so quickly. Gerald also helped our neighbor Scott on Monday, and this coming Monday will help him plant corn over at Ridgeway.

We drove to the softball game at Johnston City yesterday in the rain, but everything was clear to play when we arrived at the ball field. About the fifth inning, it started raining some and like many others, I went to the car to get the umbrella. But it was not needed very long.

After the game, we went by our daughter Katherine’s house to eat a piece of her birthday cake and take a gift. Back home, I tried to get to bed early because I had planned to treat myself to a day with the Union County Writers Group who were having a critique session. I printed out a manuscript for that activity plus a couple of others to submit to publications and tried to get organized for the trip to my home county.

Today I enjoyed a great day at Anna on Friday at Joanne Blakely’s as she invited the group to her home for a day of sharing, critique, lunch, and getting our manuscripts ready for the new anthology deadline coming up. I enjoyed meeting her son Davoss and fellowshipping with the other writers around her table.

After a lovely day at Joanne’s with other writers, I stopped by the post office to mail a manuscript that needed weighing to make sure it was not over the one ounce limit. It was, so I am glad I was cautious. Then onto Country Cupboard to leave more of my books there, and finally out to visit my cousin Mickey, who was at her son and daughter-in-law’s country home.
They have moved into and remodeled one of the beautiful Victorian farmhouses east of Anna on Route 146. When I was a little girl going with Daddy to the farm at Goreville, I always wondered who lived there in those large houses with well-kept lawns and envied whoever it was. At last at age 73, I have finally been to visit in one of these homes. And even more important, I met Taj, Mickey’s new grandson born in October. Almost three now, older brother Camden has grown up considerably since the last time I visited him at his previous neighborhood.

The drive down and back to Union County was lovely, and the day had been a perfect day. Eager to get home, I cut through the country and decided to skip going to the grocery store to buy the items on the list I have carried for a week now. I can do that tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I have not come to the end of a perfect day. The first thing Gerald told me when I went out to his shop to visit a minute was that our great grandson, Aidan, in Aurora was very sick. Gma Vickie took off work early and hurried up there. We prayed for him at supper longer than usual, and he is in my prayers right now.

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