Friday, August 24, 2007

Hot! Hot! Hot!

For 23 days our temperature in Southern Illinois has been above 90, and it looks like the hot weather will continue. Gerald and I watched a softball game in the heat this afternoon, and despite a sometime breeze and a huge hat, I was often uncomfortable. I was dry, dry, dry by game’s end.

I cannot understand how the young girls playing these games can take the heat, but they do. Geri Ann told me after the game that she has three tests tomorrow. She has been in school over a week now. She played a tourney last Saturday, another game on Monday, and will play in another tourney at the Johnston City field this Saturday. Today’s kids may not walk five miles to school like our ancestors did, but they are plenty tough. Much tougher than I ever was at their age.

Watching all the flooding on TV, grieving the Utah miners and the seismic conditions causing their deaths, and knowing how hot it is in Iraq, where insurgents have made sure electricity still is not constant, I know that I should not gripe about our heat wave.

Some kind of weather condition must have affected the air waves above our house tonight. We tried to watch the third of the TV series on God‘s Warriors on CNN. Suddenly the screen would go blank. Gerald learned that he could switch channels and eventually find one working (not easy), and then he could switch back to CNN and we would see more of their program. Sometimes this effort had to be repeated two or three times. Then for 10 or 15 minutes, we could watch without interruption before the screen blanked on us again. Odd--like so much of the workings of the electronic marvels in our modern life that our general science classes in the 1940s did not teach us about.

After the disrupted show and a bit of Channel 3 news, I came into my computer to erase off my two websites the announced program of the Writers Guild for September since there had been a cancellation. I succeeded easily with the first website. When I tried to do the identical thing on the second website, the edit button would bring up a blank screen.

Since I could not edit the item desired, I even pushed “delete” at the bottom of the blank screen, but when I returned to the website, nothing had changed. Everything including the announcement I wanted to delete was still there with its misinformation. I suppose whatever caused the TV problem was also causing the problem with editing my website.

Again I really should not gripe. With all the world’s problems, mine are minor in comparison. I’ll probably try one more time, and then go to bed with or without success. Ah well.

P.S. I wrote this post on Thursday night, and everything seemed to go well. It was said that the above post was published. However, when I looked at the website, this new post was not there. A half hour later it still was not there. This morning I came down to see if the entry had been posted overnight. It still was not posted. So I am starting over--just copying it and calling it a new post. HMMM.

I was mildly amused and mildly upset to see that the Southern Illinoisan's lead head line this morning was Hot! Hot! Hot! One reason I wanted to see if my blog had posted was to see if Woodsong Notes beat them to the headline. Since something failed to work right and I am just now getting this published on Friday morning (I hope), they got to use the headline first. I guess it must be true that great minds run in the same channels. Actually, the heat is so oppressive that most of the population is saying, "Hot! Hot! Hot!" So there is no great mind at work here or with the SI headline writer.

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