Thursday, May 08, 2008

More Rain

By the time I left the farm for town to do errands and then to eventually end up at our Illinois Chapter Trail of Tears board meeting in Carbondale, it was raining again. I had two or three errands to do on the way to the meeting including recyling the trunk load of newspapers, magazines, glass, cardboard, and plastic . Carbondale has a nice drive-in facility where you take your car inside to unload it, so I knew I could do this even though it was raining.

I always run late when I try to leave the farm. There always seems to be one or two more things I need to do before I leave. Usually I just have to give it up and get into the car and go--ready or not. Fortunately, I had loaded the trunk early in the morning with all the materials needing to be cleared from the garage. Then I was almost so late that I became scared I would get to the recyling building after it had closed.

I had already passed Carterville when I remembered I had told Gerald that I'd be glad to stop and pick up a handle that a business there had phoned us about twice. It was my idea to save gas this way. I debated turning back around and doing what I had suggested. But I also knew then I would have to unload all that stuff in the trunk and put it back in the garage. So I went on. I was so grateful the building was still open that I did not even mind that despite the dry roof overhead, somehow rain was coming in and pouring across the floor and I got my feet quite wet before the meeting.

Marilyn Schild was at Parkinson Lab, where we meet, to tell us about her upcoming multi-state tour of the Trail of Tears and many of its important sites. She admitted she had not been in Parkinson since taking chemistry there some decades ago.

After Marilyn's presentation and some other necessary business, we watched the new Rich Heape DVD on the Trail of Tears, and Harvey Henson served us popcorn and soda. Joe Crabb had brought samples from the Chocolate Factory down on Route 146, so unlike the Cherokee, we had plenty to eat as we experienced the Trail via the film.

We finished up with more business, and I got home after 10. Either in the morning or sometime this weekend I am going to Freeport, so I will probably be late once again writing on AmazonConnect this week. Ah well. I hope it doesn't rain in Freeport.

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