Saturday, October 17, 2009

Finally Back Online--Maybe

Sorry I have not been able to blog.

On Wednesday I wrote a hurried explanation, but then did not get it posted. Next day we had wonderful help trying to get speedier service in our rural area, so I was not online while this was going on. Friday morning I was pleased with the increased speed and was almost finished with a promised project to send to a couple of folks. Stopped to fix Gerald a bite of lunch when he came in from getting our car serviced, and went back down to the office only to find we were offline. But a simple procedure, which our friend told us about, put us back online that evening. I have been away from home all day today, but here is what I did not get posted Wednesday night. My goal is to return to normal blogging tomorrow evening. We shall see!

Wednesday, October 14
We have been offline for week and a half. Router trouble. Changed server. New ordered router did not work. Electrical engineer nabor who helps us got stumped. GRRR. Long story. I think we are back online now. Maybe.

Gotta appointment for arm splint this afternoon. Long story. Gotta go to Carbondale tonight for Trail of Tears board meeting. Granddaughter Leslie and her boyfriend should be here at Woodsong when I get home as they are on their way to Freeport during Belmont's fall break.

Tomorrow is important Writers Guild meeting as we have to make nominating committee report for 2010 officers. Had to do all our work by phone since I was offline. But we have an almost complete roster to offer tomorrow night. Still have to get the anthology editor's consent as she was too exhaused from this year's anthology to say yes immediately. I think she had two computer crashes while doing it! It is at the printer's and I hear it is tremedous. (It was sent to all of us for okay--but I was offline so did not see it.) I am busy catching up on email, etc. Maybe I will blog tomrorrow or at least by Friday.

Gotta go fix Gerald's lunch and also a plate for supper since doctor's appointment is on the way to Carbondale.

I do not like long stories.

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