Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm Doing Fine!

Oh, I thought when I went to bed Wednesday night that I'd come on here on Thursday morning if I were over the arthritis attack or whatever caused the intense lower back pain. I woke up with the pain all gone Thursday, and it has not returned. I am very grateful. But with the dentist appointment that day and other responsibilities, I failed to get back on here. (The dentist appointment was not so terrific as the back pain going away was. I am in for lots of appointments to correct decay under caps. GRRR.)

I slept late on Friday expecting to wake up to the 3-6 inches of snow predicted, but the brown grassy fields surrounding us looked just as they had the night before. The local stations were saying we'd have snow coming in by noon, so I was afraid to leave the farm and really did not need to do so. Finally towards evening snow started and the local stations said to stay home if you could. This morning we woke to what may be five or six inches covering those brown fields.

Gerald ran to town on errands and asked me to go along, but I was filling chipper and was doing long-delayed housework and getting a few loads of laundry done, so I declined. In fact, I better go check that last load of laundry drying. I got behind early in the week.

The birds on the deck provide entertainment as we eat our meals because Gerald has filled the feeder and put extra on the picnic table out there.

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