Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Good and Bad--And Maybe the Bad Was Good

Georgia softball team won the second game against University of Texas on Monday night. We all were elated. It started out unbelievably lopsided—almost embarrassingly so. Everyone was saying they were feeling sorry for the Longhorns, but then Texas hit a home run, and the scored ended 11-5. Georgia’s defense was spectacular, but we also had three home runs. Erin and Mel Dumezich were there from Texas A&M feeling good with their final exams over! Mary Ellen saw the camera pan their row in the stadium, but I missed it. It is not only fun watching, but the follow-up phone calls and conversations are great fun too when your team has just won an important victory.

Now we are excited planning to watch Georgia play Tennessee tomorrow at 4 on ESPNU. I think that is CST—but if I am wrong, then that game will begin here at 3 p.m. Our women’s banquet at church is tomorrow at 6, so I may not get to see the ending of the game. It will likely be a very tough game. Hope it ends well for the Dawgs.

Yesterday morning I was still lazily drinking coffee and reading the newspaper in my pajamas when the phone rang. The dentist office was calling to say that impression did not work and could I come back for another one! That was not in my plans for the day, but I changed my plans. I admit I was scared. I told the dentist that I suspected he was dreading the redo as much as I was. He assured me he was going to give me a shot in the gum this time, change whatever caused the problem before, and this time would be different. And it was.  I had a feeling he had put some thought into that previous episode.

Actually it was a good thing his office called. At noon right before I left home, I had reheated some of the corn casserole from Sunday. It was good, but evidently one kernal had gotten hard in the microwave. We were watching a replay of Monday night’s game, and I was not paying attention. I usually try to use both sides to chew but favor the side without the temp crown. I have followed the dentist’s advice not to eat popcorn or chewy taffy, etc.

My attention to the ball game wavered when I thought I heard a slight pop in my mouth, and I wondered if I had damaged that temp crown. I had. I could not tell it with my tongue, and if I had not had the unexpected appointment, I would probably assumed the crown was okay. So my dentist had to repair that also and warn me if it happened again to call him immediately since it could change my adjoining teeth or something so that the permanent crown might not align properly.

So all is well that ends well. Is that what the parents used to say in the Little House books? If not that, it was a similar sentiment and a good way to handle difficulties once they are over.

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