Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sad News About Cousins

My son Gerry phoned early this morning to tell me my cousin David Martin had passed away last night. I missed David's daughter Mickey's call a little later. Didn't hear the phone right, but Gerald talked to Mickey. His funeral will be Tuesay morning at Webtown's Community of Christ Church, where David's wife Norma is an elder. His visitation will be Monday night.

David had been through so much fighting cancer for a long time now, and this last 30-40 days had been horrific from all Mickey had told me as he had his bladder removed and other surgery and spent 30 days at Barnes in St. Louis and then a week in skilled nursing home, where Norma was given a bed since she could not stand to leave him. He hated the ground up food at the nursing home that made him choke. Then they took him home. He was given the lemonade he wanted with lots of sugar just like he specified. Other requests that day were attended to and he went to bed to sleep in his own bed saying, "If I die tonight, I have had a good day." In retirement, David was remained active as a hunter and gardener and an avid ball fan for his kids and grandkids. He was a marvellous story teller, and his begged-for talks at our Martin reunions are a pleasant memory.

A call from our cousin Helen Martin Sitter last night told me that our late cousin Bill's only son Mike Martin, 58, has been given two weeks to live. He too has been battling cancer and a stroke caused by all his problems. His sister Jeneane has been a beloved mainstay in his life. She must plan his funeral at Goreville for him, where he will be buried in Busby Cemetery beside his baby brother Patrick, who died on Christmas Day many many years ago. I see Mike in my mind's eye as still vibrant and healthy, just as I remember David. I think the last time I visited with Mike was when our cousin Doug came from California and Mike and we sat at our dining room table visiting over at Pondside Farm.

With these griefs in our family and teaching Vacation Bible School in our village with three grandchildren here to help teach, the next few weeks may not include much blogging.

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