Thursday, August 19, 2010

Keeping Up with Everyone

Jeannie, our middle daughter, was through briefly last Friday on her way to Nashville. She had a second carload of Leslie’s belongings to take to get Leslie started on her junior year at Belmont. (Les had gone earlier with a little detour to Ohio.) After a late start, Jeannie had driven all night arriving here at 4 a.m. to crawl in bed until a she awakened at 9:15 and headed south again.

Fortunately, late Saturday night I forgot to take a pill and had padded back into the kitchen to do so when I heard a knock on the garage door. Jeannie thought our phone was off the hook as she had gotten a busy signal for a couple of hours when she tried to phone that she was coming back. We never figured out that mystery since neither Gerald nor I had been on the phone, which was not off the hook. She had gone around the house hoping to see someone up and was about ready to return to town and rent a motel room when I heard her knock and let her in. (Yes, she has a key, but, no, she did not know where it was. I suspect her siblings don’t know where theirs are either.) She was off early the next morning to make it to Freeport for Rick’s birthday and to be in church that evening when Elijah was leading worship.

On Saturday morning, Gerry phoned to say he had just arrived back from recruiting trip to California. No telling where he has been since as Geri Ann’s fall softball season has begun. I did hear that he and Vickie were going out to eat Wednesday night to celebrate their 31st anniversary.

On Monday morning, Mary Ellen phoned to say she and the kids were almost home to Waggoner after dropping Brian off at a meeting in Saint Louis. They had made a trip to Florida for their vacation. This was a special trip planned for 17-year-old Trent, who has been a War Stars fan for many years. Mary Ellen and the kids went early to arrive on time for Celebration V, and Brian flew down from work to join them and drive them home. He went to some of the movies with Trent, and Brianna attended a session or two, but Mary Ellen said it was a unique family vacation for them because they weren’t traveling, seeing sites, camping, or visiting relatives, but just resting and lolling at the pool for the most part while Trent participated heartily in the festivities.

Trent wrote on Facebook, “I have to say that I have never had so much fun. I got to be in so many panels, where I felt like part of the press. I got an opportunity to listen to George Lucas in person. I ran into the director of The Clone Wars series 3 times. I got a book series signed by all three authors who are writing the different books. I met some friends and made sure we could stay in touch…” So altogether, the Taylor trip was a success.

We are all following with great interest Erin’s participation in the European Cup in softball this week at Amsterdam. Today the Austrian Sharx beat Russia and Germany, and tomorrow they face undefeated Italy. Gerald has mastered the six-hour time difference, and we check Facebook regularly for an update on scores.

Son-in-law David and three long-limbed boys were all watching television together at their house in Marion yesterday after school when I dropped by. This afternoon I got to pick up Sam from his trombone lesson, and I am enjoying these 8th graders’ seemingly unanimous opinion that this school year is going to be a great one.

Bryan, Tara and boys have been at home for a couple of weeks, but 2011Southern Force  tryouts are this weekend, so we are excited that Tara will be in our end of the state again. Finally plans are afoot for Katherine to meet Payton. We are expecting a fun time this weekend.

As Gerald’s. Katherine’s, and my medical appointments seem to increase each year, fun times are an important diversion. I have a difficult time keeping up with who is going where when and with whom, but following the families’ lives keeps Gerald and me abreast of 21st Century activities. Our children and grandchildren travel more and lead more varied lives than we did while they were growing up in the 20th Century.  Facebook and cell phones make it much easier to keep in touch than it was in the 20th. We are glad.

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