Friday, May 20, 2011

Spring Activities Keep Us Occupied

This week went by way too fast for me. Less scheduled than usual, so I would have thought it would have gone slowly. Ah well. I did get my INR and catch up on laundry, but I really can’t claim anything else done. Our irises are blooming beautifully, and I picked one bouquet, which had already turned ugly this morning except for three tall blooms I saved for a smaller vase. One thing I did do last night that I have been wanting to do for a long time. I read Tori Huftalin’s posts for the last three months in Haiti:]
I was both inspired and awed at the work this beautiful young talented nurse is doing there taking care of malnourished and orphan babies—and doing it all with great joy. I had checked her blog once after the first entry, and she had not yet arrived and entered her first post from Haiti. She is home briefly right now as her blog originally explained, and when she goes back, it will be for a year. This morning I wrote a couple of bread and butter notes for last weekend, and I have started laying out clothes to put in the suitcase for this weekend.

Mary Ellen posted pictures of Trent as a toddler on Facebook this weekend, and I want to reach into the computer and hug that adorable little guy. How can he be walking across the stage as a grave old senior tonight? We’ll be going up this afternoon after we pick up grandson Sam to travel with us. (He graduates from 8th grade next Thursday night.)

Tomorrow Mary Ellen and Brian are throwing a come-and-go all afternoon party in Trent’s honor at their house from 2 to 8. It is supposed to be a poolside party, but with 70% chance of rain, we may be inside listening to ball games or playing charades. Brian’s mother flew in Wednesday for Trent’s baccalaureate and was up at the farm with Brian yesterday and today at the camper while he worked feverishly to continue spring planting.

Jeannie and Rick are coming down with Elijah and Cecelie for the Saturday celebration. Leslie is driving up from Nashville after getting settled in her new apartment and summer job there. She will be at Freeport with her family next week. Tara is coming down, I assume with her sons, although I don’t know that. She was once a summer live-in nanny for Trent and Brianna, so she feels especially close to her cousins.

University of Georgia is hosting the softball regionals at Athens, and they play Georgia State tonight. We’ll probably not learn that outcome until after the graduation. Gerry’s cousin DuWayne and his Vickie are on their way down to the game right now. When Gerry phoned his dad this morning, he already knew about his cousin Bryce’s son Lex hitting the winning home-run yesterday in Johnston City’s baseball regionals. Keeping up with everyone’s spring activities keeps the whole family occupied. Elijah’s high school graduation is next Sunday afternoon, and I am hoping we can get up there for that. We are hoping that Mary Ellen again gets to celebrate her birthday in Oklahoma City while the Women’s College Softball World Series is there. Sam is planning on going with her and his cousins if Georgia gets to go again.

The outline of my glasses with bruises on my face is beginning to dim, and I hope to look presentable for this weekend. I will definitely be looking down on any concrete pads I walk on.

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