Friday, April 27, 2012

Longest Game in History

Gerald and I just watched the longest softball game in both Georgia and Louisiana State University history. UGA won 1-0 in the 15th inning. The pitching duel between LSU’s Rachele Fico and the Dawgs’ Erin Arevalo was amazing, and as the announcer said as we watched Game Tracker, neither pitcher deserved to lose.
Until the 10th inning, Arevalo had pitched a no hitter. After the one hit then, she struck out 13 consecutive batters.

Georgia got several hits off Fico, but could not score and kept leaving runners on base. The announcer and everyone thought they had scored in the 14th when a runner came home from third, but then found out the batter was called out for hitting out of the batters box. So the game continued through the bottom half of the inning when Arevalo quickly shut LSU down again.

I was feeling sorry for both pitchers knowing they must be very tired, but the announcer kept saying that Arevalo just got better and better during those last record breaking innings.

There will be another game tomorrow and the next day, so they should be very interesting.

Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s softball team will be observing Senior Weekend at home when they play a double header against Northern Iowa tomorrow and a third game against them on Sunday.

We are hoping all the Dawgs win tomorrow—Georgia Bulldogs and Southern Salukis. In the meantime, Gerald has just put our little dog Jake up for the night, and we are heading to bed here at Woodsong. We are tired from all the excitement.

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