Saturday, January 19, 2013

Leslie and Mike's Wedding

I just found this link on my daughter Jeannie's Facebook page tonight.  I am not very knowledgeable about knowing how to post things, but I am going to try to post this in case you are interested.  One correction to the photographer's story--Jeannie's dress was made from one of my college dresses--it wasn't what I wore to  her wedding. (I passed that one on to someone else long ago.) Jeannie wanted to wear my going-away dress from my wedding in 1956, but it has developed holes in it for some reason, so she went with one I had dated in. The barn in the photos is on Brian and Mary Ellen's new farm they had recently had bought from the sons of  the late Harold and Novella Rix.    When Leslie decided to use the barn for their picnic reception, Jeannie gave strict orders that it must not be painted before the wedding. This barn had the well-known large star on it again this Christmas--the one Harold made and we all enjoyed for many years.Let's see if this works:

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