Saturday, April 06, 2013

Catching Our Breaths

Last Sunday night our family gathered at the Cedar family’s town church as Sam had been invited to speak.  The far-away families needed to leave for home and had planned to leave in late afternoon, but going to support Sam won out.  Mike and Leslie with their dog, little Millie, had left us for their drive home to Tennessee, but everyone left the farm for the 6 p.m. service.

We arrived in three cars at different times, so everyone could leave for home immediately after that service.  So we were sitting in three different places, and we all began to look for Sam’s cousins who had come in a fourth car.  The service had begun and none of us were seeing them.  We were communicating with looks of curiosity at first, and someone realized they might not even know the way there without Sam in the car to guide them. Because the kids had turned off their phones as they should have, texting and phoning brought no results.  Our curiosity had turned to concern, and my imagination began to run wild.  It was hard to concentrate on the service, but I know all of our family was praying much the same prayers as we thought about the possibility of an accident enroute to the service.

Although I did not see our son-in-law Rick leave, when he quietly came back to his seat again, I knew all was well.  The younger generation was somehow out of our view from our spots in the sanctuary, but Rick had found their car in the back parking lot and knew they were safely inside.  I am sure each of us adults was ready to worship with great thankfulness after it had occurred to us how horrible an accident could have been with young people from three families traveling in one car.  So by the time Sam spoke, we were relaxed and filled with gratitude that at least for then that life could continue in a peaceful fashion.

I have been catching my breath and getting back to normal for me and Gerald here at Woodsong ever since.   Mary Ellen was hopping up and washing our dishes throughout the weekend, and last Sunday afternoon she had both the dishwasher full and sink-full washed.  So things were in good shape when our families left here.
Finally we have given away, frozen, eaten up, or fed to Jake all the left overs.  As I reduced bowls of food, larger serving pieces were emptied and I have those all washed up and put away now.  Tablecloths have been laundered and fresh ones put back on the tables.  A pair of jeans, someone’s charger, and the lost oval Pyrex lid have all been found among the left-behinds which always occur after families visit. Two beds have been changed and sheets laundered and the third set of sheets is in the washer now.  All the towels used throughout the weekend are clean again, and as soon as the drier stops, the last ones will be folded. Or maybe I will let them go till Monday since I am going in to Katherine’s house soon.

Katherine has had a busy week and with the help of aides accomplished much.  She arrived for one doctor appointment and one dentist appointment two days in a row, and she met a request for more information from a government agency.  She now has a new state of Illinois identification card in her billfold and a new Social Security card ordered. 

Gerald had a busy week too.  He had scheduled a checkup for our furnace since it had been two years since the last inspection.  Unfortunately, a very expensive replacement part was needed, and it was finally decided it would be cheaper in the long run to get a new furnace with a ten-year warranty than to keep having to spend such large amounts to keep the old one running.  So two days were spent replacing our furnace. And the repairmen found out the cause of the hot water shortage we had over the weekend and that too has been made to function correctly.

Wednesday night Gerald and I breathed a sign of relief as we watched the video as our Georgia Bulldogs won over their in-state rival Georgia Tech with a mercy ruling.  Last weekend at Fayetteville had brought three unexpected losses and heightened our disappointment that Gerry’s family could not be with us at Easter.  Playing 5/6-ranked University of Tennessee Volunteers was going to be a real challenge this weekend, but we were hoping after Wednesday’s many UGA home runs that we were ready for the challenge.  Yesterday and today’s games have been a disappointment, however, but we are hoping things change tomorrow afternoon with the third game of the series. 

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