Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Oh dear!! (Written June 29)

I wrote a blog three two days ago, and I liked it altho I had not had time to edit it yet.  I was going to copy it to have Gerald check the ag facts and spellings.  So started to copy it from the many-day blog entries and put it on a separate document and then print it out for him to see. Somehow someway, I not only lost the blog post completely on Word--but a crazy half light blue page that will not let me use a cursor has shown up on the long many-day original copy of the blog that I write on instead of directly on here as I am doing now.  Don't know what happened and I cannot get rid of it on Word.  If I never hlog again, you will understand that I am too frustrated until I get this problem solved.  And computer stuff bumfuzzles me, so I may never be able to solve and use Word again.  We will see what the future holds. Ha. 

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