Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas at Woodsong 2013

From the beginning of the season, I knew I might not get cards sient this Christmas.  Yet I kept thinking I would sit down at our  dining room table cluttered with wrapping paper and gifts and cards and address lists and write Christmas cards since most of the gifts are wrapped now.  But every time I plan to do so, something happens and cards do not get done.  I do have one card finished--for my daddy's cousin's daughter who is now in a nursing home. I was thrilled to get a card from her at the first of the month.I still have a day or two--and I have sent a few cards as late as July before--so who knows.  But at least I can post the annual holiday letter here altho I am not very happy with it either.

Woodsong Christmas 2013

Dear Friends and Relatives,

We have cut back on our activities and travel, but we still seem to be busy all the time.  Gerald  always has a project going:  helping someone, cutting stumps after a timber project, taking photographs, hunting with Gerry, mowing fields, mowing our yard which he makes a little larger every year, gardening, giving rides on various farm vehicles during visits from our great grandsons--Aidan, Maddux, and Payton, and helping me out quite a bit.  He, DuWayne, and grandson Sam went to one or two Georgia softball weekends last spring, and I went with DuWayne and Gerald to the first fall weekend practice games.

I am still blogging, though not as often, working in Sunday School in one capacity or another, reading when I get a chance--which is seldom--and filling in to help Katherine when an aide is ill or doesn’t show.  I don’t do much writing or participation in organization anymore.

We enjoy family visits on holidays and on long weekends.  All 25 were here Thanksgiving and local families will be here for Christmas. Having my brother Jim and wife Vivian with their daughters Beth (Jane) and Judi come by when Jim drove them down for the birthday party for Vivian’s sister, was especially wonderful for me.  Gerald’s sister Ernestine and husband Don came in their motor home, and that too was a wonderful visit but too short.  Our grandkids are a delight, and Elijah, Trent, Brianna, Sam, and Cecelie were all here to work in Vacation Bible School at Center again this summer. Brianna and Cecelie both went with their church youth groups to teach VBS in Kentucky, while Sam helped out in Marion.

Along with Cedars. we now have Brian and Mary Ellen, Trent, and Brianna living in our community.  Sam continues with a hard academic schedule and numerous band activities including drum major in addition to the trombone.  Trent has been studying welding with his dad at John A. Logan Community College, learning photography,  and is enrolled at JALC for spring.  Brianna is now an honors freshman at Murray State in Kentucky, but we get to see her when she comes home.

Gerry and Vickie, Bryan and Tara and their three sons,  still live together in Watkinsville. GA.   Geri Ann, a sophomore at UGA, is still knocking the ball out of the park. Erin lives in Dallas and teaches middle school and coaches volleyball, basketball, and softball in Corsicana.  Gma Sue is thrilled Erin loves teaching.  My teacher parents would be too.

Rick and Jeannie are still teaching in Freeport with our youngest grandchild Cecelie, who is now a freshman in high school and involved in speech, theater, and music activities, just as her siblings were.  Elijah is a junior at Illinois State, and Leslie and husband Mike make their home in Nashville, where they have just bought a house.

Jesus gave us this scripture gift: “These things I command you, that ye love one another.” John 15:17.            
Love and Merry Christmas, Sue

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