Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sixteen Teams Now!

Gerald started my day with an invitation to go down to his computer and watch the highlights of the NCAA Regional softball tourney together.  He and nephew DuWayne were there in Georgia for Friday and Saturday’s games.  When they learned at Sunday breakfast that rain delays would make the first of two necessary playoffs at 2 that afternoon, they decided they needed to come on back home to Illinois.  Actually the first game was not until after 7 and the second did not end until almost midnight, so they made a very wise decision. 

When I left Katherine’s house a little after 11 Sunday night, I phoned him to see what was happening in that second game since Katherine and I were not getting the website video to play on her smart phone.  We did receive some scores during the evening, so we knew we were way ahead. I had not heard my cell ring earlier, so I was surprised to learn Gerald was home in bed at Woodsong! 

He had watched the last two games on his computer downstairs. Because Georgia lost game 3 to North Carolina State on Saturday, they had to beat NCS twice on Sunday to win this double elimination tourney. They did so handily with 9-1 and 8-0 scores.  Now UGA Dawgs will play Baylor at Athens this Friday and Saturday for two out of three games to determine who goes on to the nationals at Oklahoma City.  The sixteen teams playing in eight Super Regionals will be reduced to eight for the World Series.

Katherine was in bed all day Sunday since her aide came in but  promptly threw up and had to go back home suffering from the stomach flu her baby son had the day before and which  kept her from coming in on Saturday. This was especially sad for Katherine because this aide was scheduled to drive her to the Saturday wedding in our village of her long-time aide Katie Williams to Jared Barger.  She did have an exceptionally competent sub to get her ready for the wedding, but no driver.  As she said with a resigned smile, I am used to being disappointed.

Katie had really wanted her there, but she understood only too well since she had just that morning had her photographer cancel on her! (She secured a wonderful substitute photographer!)  This wedding has been an exciting diversion for Katherine since she got in on the excitement of the special date when Jared gave Katie her engagement ring, and she had listened to all the wedding plans develop.  She even got to taste the punch for the dance that Katie’s grandmother brought by the house for Katie to make final decisions about. 

Jared’s uncle, Marshall Wright, who recently moved back to our community to his great grandparents’ farm, is an experienced and excellent chef, and the meal he served the large crowd in the fellowship hall of our church was delicious as well as visually attractive. No wonder Elisha Wright was bragging she got to kiss the cook.  (Marshall is the son of Joan Handkins Wright and the late George Wright, who had lived in the farm home after Alva and Lorene Handkins. Joan, who now lives in an assisted living apartment, was at the wedding smiling and looking lovely.)  I was privileged to be able to sit with our grandson Sam and his girl friend Anna at the dinner, and I asked Marshall to prepare a plate to take to Katherine so she could experience at least a bit of the wedding celebration.

Jared’s mother Kim was right on time Sunday morning to teach our two adorable toddlers in our Preschool Sunday School department. I was determined to be on time also just in case Kim was too exhausted to come after all the family activity.  She admitted being tired, but there was no doubt she had enjoyed her sister’s family here for week-long visit from Virginia and all the family togetherness. She reported happily that Jared and Katie had left looking very happy for their two-day honeymoon. So another busy weekend has ended with many smiles, and now we are wondering if this next weekend our Georgia softball team can be one of eight instead of one of sixteen.

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