Wednesday, June 03, 2015

And On

Sure enough Michigan won last night, so tonight’s game (7 p.m. CST on ESPN) determines the 2015 world champion. I still want both teams to win because they are both so good.

With my husband and daughters’ concerns about the breathing noise my cold was causing, I decided I better get it checked. I was already scheduled for an INR, and the staff at SIMCO are so kind and quickly gave me an appointment at the same time with a P.A. since it was my doctor’s day off. She suggested an inhaler but gave me a backup prescription for an antibiotic if necessary after a couple of days with the inhaler. I am not adverse to taking meds, but I do not want to take an antibiotic unless I truly need it. I am still wheezing but hoping the inhaler works.

Before my appointment, I had managed to clean up the kitchen and then run by Katherine’s to do a couple errands there and met her newest aide. After the appointment, I called Mary Ellen to locate her, I ran by Kroger to pick up the prescription, by the post office drop box to mail a couple other cards, and headed to Mary Ellen’s house.

I arrived and was thinking how well my over-scheduled day had gone. I reached over to get Mary Ellen’s card from under my sweater beside me, and my hand pulled out one of the cards I thought I had mailed. At that moment, lights flashed in my brain, and I realized I had wrongly stuck her card in the mail with the other card instead of this one beside me. Her birthday money gift was inside and only “Mary Ellen” written on the outside of the envelope. I went inside shaking my head after our birthday hug. We both agreed I should call the post office, which would be closing in fifteen minutes, and she dialed it for me on her phone. I had been mildly disappointed that I’d missed the earlier pickup, but now I was glad. If it had been picked up earlier, it probably would be on the way to St. Louis, where no one would know who Mary Ellen might be.

I ashamedly explained what I had done, and the sweet mail clerk asked a few questions. I could not believe that she said someone would go outside and retrieve the envelope for me. Mary Ellen and I jumped into my car since I was parked behind her garage door, and I had her drive since she is definitely the better driver. Soon she was coming out of the post office smiling with her card with its birthday money in her hand. We had a great mother-daughter visit back at her house since Brian and Trent had not yet arrived with their planned birthday cake.

You better not complain about post office people to me ever!! (Although I have on occasion been guilty.) This kind of service was the same kind I grew up with in Jonesboro with Mrs. Coffman and Bermeice Brown working there. I love small towns, and I especially did yesterday where someone was so willing at the close of a hard work day to do such a special act of service for me!! Life goes on, and I am glad for the people it includes.


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