Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Things Are Good at Woodsong

Although most of the small flock of wild geese left us, two stayed on. They and Ian are swimming happily around the lake. Ian is so pretty with his soft fluffy white feathers and bright red beak, so it is easy to distinguish him from his playmates. Although we have not had much snow, the fields around the lake are spotted with it as is our island, so it is difficult to see Ian except when he is in the lake.

We are sure he has created a snuggly nest of some sort on the island although we have not attempted to enter his territory and find it. He obviously likes it better than at our house. And that is fine. Gerald saw him over on the over side of the lake the other day and hurried over to take some food to him—but he had vanished to the island before Gerald got there. That too is fine. It is good to know he has grown able to take care of himself. And it is good that he seems very happy with his new friends. Now he does not have to be sorry he fought with his brother and had to find a new home!

Softball season has started, and so last weekend we were tied to Gerald's computer watching A&M's games,which were filmed.Then Gerald would switch channels back and forth to see Geri Ann's Oregon games if they were on at the same time. Right now the Ducks are shown on a not-very-satisfactory game tracker. We were very glad her mother was there to help her celebrate her birthday on Friday and to see her first home run of the season on Saturday. Gerry had to see it on someone's camera, of course.

We did celebrate Valentine’s Day. I spent most of the day at Katherine’s house since she was without an aide. Gerald had planned to take me to dinner, so he came by and took me to my favorite restaurant for my favorite meal and gave me a break from care giving. I had grabbed a bright red jacket as I left our house, so I donned that to add to my outfit and look appropriate for the holiday.

We forgot the next day was President’s Day until we found out neighborhood kids were out of school and we received no mail. Cardiac rehab was open despite the holiday, so I got my afternoon workout as usual as I do three days a week.

In the bits and pieces of time I have, I am continuing to work on my history of my great great great grandfather “Cedar Billy” Martin of Bedford County, Tennessee. That is my recreation right now. Of course, I am also trying to follow the news about the election as much as possible. Recently I started reading an Alice Walker book that I have owned forever, but it has stayed untouched on the living room coffee table for a week or so.

One of Gerald’s main activities lately has been teeth stuff. We went to Paducah last Thursday as his local dentist said he needed an oral surgeon to repair a root canal troubling him. I envisioned all sorts of possible trouble and went along to drive him home if necessary—but he drove both ways. He did not get the tooth repaired, however. The root was cracked, so the dentist planned to put the cap back on so he would not be toothless until the local dentist pulled it. Gerald persuaded the dentist to go ahead and pull it while it was all deadened. That greatly speeded up the process for getting a new tooth added to his dentures. The gum looked terrible when we came home from Paducah, but Gerald was pleasantly surprised for it to be almost healed by the next day. Tuesday the impression was taken, and today he has the new tooth added to his dentures. He is smiling naturally once again. He has also found time to keep the wood stove burning in his shop, empty the waste baskets all over the house to add to accumulated waste paper container in the garage which he either buried or burned, wash both his pickup and our car, and today he hosed down our garage floor before he did some business in town. Oh, yes, he fixed his own supper as he does if I am at Katherine’s house during the supper hour.

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Anonymous said...

Glad G. got along well with his tooth business and is able to do all of those helpful things around the place.
Also glad for the news of Ian.