Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

Gerald’s birthday was well celebrated this year. He had phone calls and text messages and Facebook greetings from friends and family all day long. The calls started very early at breakfast with one from his granddaughter Leslie—a singer down in Nashville, TN—whose husband Mike shares this same birthday.

Then perhaps the most touching call came soon after from Katherine, who was not only able to make the call (sometimes she can’t) but she told her dad she wanted to sing for him. And she did, and Gerald said she sounded good! She too used to be a singer down in Nashville, but multiple sclerosis makes it difficult for her to talk sometimes; and singing which once defined her, is usually impossible.

Of course, Gerald was in contact with our son whose card from him and Vickie had come early, but he missed Jeannie’s evening call, because we were all out to eat with our youngest daughter and husband, Mary Ellen and Brian. Jeannie’s card arrived the next day.

We had a delicious meal with the Taylors, and granddaughter Brianna whispered about the birthday boy to the waitress, and she brought him a special piece of pie. He had to take it home as all of us were too full for dessert. Or at least we thought we were.

When we arrived at the Taylor house, we found out that more fun and food was in store for us there. Brianna had been baking. There was banana bread and an angel food cake for the birthday cake. Mary Ellen had sliced strawberries along with the whipped topping all ready for our dessert, and Brian made us coffee. Trent was at work, but maybe he celebrated when he got home later! Katherine has been enjoying the slices of banana bread Mary Ellen wrapped up for her.

When Gerry and Vickie lived in Athens, Georgia, Gerald always tried to go down to a softball game and considered that his special birthday celebration. When he saw that Texas A&M was playing at Georgia this birthday weekend, he knew he needed that special treat. He made arrangements with his nephew DuWayne to go with him, and that too is a treat since DuWayne helps out with the driving. I was going to go along if I could. Then just the other day, we realized that this was Easter weekend! But Gerald and DuWayne took off at 6 Friday morning, and I am sure they are having a great time watching great softball despite the opening loss.

Gerald taught me how to use his computer when we watched Oregon’s streamed game against Stanford Thursday night. I was able to see yesterday and today’s games sweep the series. I was more than thrilled seeing great work by our Geri Ann. Vickie was there to see it all in person, and I that too makes me happy. Having other grandkids in and out of the house makes this a special Easter.

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