Friday, November 11, 2005

Basketball games replace softball.

Another sign of fall and the approaching winter season, is the beginning of basketball games. Instead of going to see softball, now we are heading to Johnston City to watch Geri Ann play basketball with the middle school team there. I had gotten most of the girls' names in my head last spring, but I am having to relearn the ones who weren't playing softball with her this summer and the one or two new girls. So far their team has done very well with only a couple of losses. We have been leaving after the junior-varsity game as it seems we are always rushed, and Gerald says the bleachers are hard. Ha. So I still have to relearn the names of the eighth grade team. It is difficult to have supper and get to Johnston City by six, so last night we left the Cedars to prepare their own supper and we enjoyed a quiet meal at Bob Evans after Geri Ann's game. For years, my social life consisted mostly of visiting with other mothers at Crab Orchard ball games. (Gerald often could not go as he would be still working at the hog barns.) Now a big slice of our social life is sharing ball games with other grandparents.

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