Monday, November 14, 2005

Wengers enjoy celebrating 25 years of marriage!

After spending most of the day at John A. Logan at the Autumn Fest signing my book, I scurried home to the farm to meet Gerald and get back in the car and drive down to Lockard Chapel Church, where Terry and Debby Wenger were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.

Such celebrations always make me think of Virginia Kelly's remark after her inlaws' beatiful 50th celebration on the lawn next door. I got there late (after hitting a neighbor's dog in the road and being very upset--the dog lived and was fine), but by the time I arrived, it was at the end-of-party period when people were sitting with shoes off and the stress over, and they were reviewing and summarizing their emotions about the event. I've enjoyed that memory. Virginia said something to the effect that there is so much bad in life that we cannot celebrate that it is especially important to celebrate the good -- marriages that have endured are so valuable that we need to contemplate and rejoice about them.

It was indeed very good Saturday to sit at table with cousins and see the happiness on the bride and groom's face as they cut their anniversary cake while loved ones took photos. The smile on their son's face would not have been so bright if they had not endured the trials that all marriages must endure to last 25 years. Hearing his parents repeat their vows could only give him feelings of security and joy. It was especially important to us since just a year ago we were grieving together at Aunt Clela's funeral dinner and then more recently at the funeral for cousin Jo's beloved mate. Seeing her children and grandchildren surrounding Jo encouraged us as we think sadly about her deep grief, and we know she will be all right.

It was a good day in Southern Illinois celebrating artists of all kinds at John A. and celebrating marriage vows that are sincere and lasting.

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