Saturday, February 25, 2006

Hanging with Writers and Friends

After my usual Saturday routine of changing the bed linens, putting the sheets in the washer, and enjoying my coffee, yogurt, and bagel with the morning paper, I was off early to get to Samuel's Upward Bound basketball game. I was impressed with the progress in skills that the boys have made.

After a very special conversation with another team member's grandmother who had gone to school to my mother and dad at the Jonesboro Grade School and who took me down memory lane, I hurried down to Union County to treat myself to attending the Writers Group there. It is really too far to go often, but since Pat Evans had sold my book to a fellow church member, I had a special reason to attend: Pat could take her the autographed book tomorrow. At the Stinson Library parking lot, I enjoyed seeing bright red letters on the outside of the downstairs windows beckoning us in with the word: WRITERS. It was very satisfying to know I was wanted inside!

Today the program was done by two UCWG members: (1) our president Joanne Blakely, who does literacy workshops with both adults and children encouraging them to express themselves through poetry and (2) Barbara Steffans, a friend from long ago, giving instructions on binding a book--for those who might want to gift a grandchild or someone special with a very personal copy of a handmade book. And there was lots of chatter about upcoming meetings, workshops, conferences, places to submit, and writing experiences as the members found delight in communing with others who share their interest and enthusiasm about the solitary occupation of communing with our computers.

Afterwards it was fun eating Chinese on the main street restaurant there in Anna with Pat and also Lois Barrett, who had driven all the way from Harrisburg, defying those who want her to slow down after her surgery. Lois was sporting a T shirt with her name and her book's name: When the Earthquake Spoke on the front and on the back an actual picture of the cover of her novel about the 1812 earthquake in this region. After a laughter-filled lunch, I headed back up Route 57 to the farm to get ready to travel to Harrisburg ourselves for the 25th wedding anniversay of Basil and Melody Holmes.

The Holmes' church have a school and a youth minstry in the old Malan Junior High School at Harrisburg, so there was a large auditorium for the solemn and impressive ceremony, where their three beautiful daughters and others sang, and Melody and
Basil renewed their vows with a salt covenant--something I had not seen before. Their declarations to each other of their continuing love and of being each other's best friend brought tears to most eyes.

Next we moved up to the school's cafeteria for a lovely dinner and visiting with friends, and we got to see the bridal couple kiss again. After the wedding cake, we saw their anniversary dance. It is good to see couples still in love after 25 years together.

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