Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Volleyball, Valentines, and Viewing Very Old Videos

Geri Ann is now into volleyball games, and we hadn't been able to go to any because of conflicts. We finally made a game last night. For that matter, we have only seen one of Samuel's Upward Bound basketball games on Saturday morning thus far. It is difficult to do all we want to do. And,of course, seeing the away-from-here grandkids in any of their activities is always a very rare treat.

My valentine celebration could not have been more perfect. Gerald took us to dinner and then we went on to the one-woman (almost) play based on the book about the fictional diaries of Mary Todd Lincoln. The author of the book was also the one-woman (almost) actor in the play. The "almost" is because Lincoln spoke and was shown in silouhette behind a screen occasionally. I had never seen that done before, but it was very effective. Then at the reception afterwards, Gerald bought me the well-researched book by M. Kay duPont and she graciously signed the books for all of there at her table. What a delightful evening seeing and talking to friends at the Civic Center and being allowed into the heart and mind of Mary Todd Lincoln and her husband for 90 minutes. I have already started the book, but made myself put it down.

Gerald has been viewing old videos for a few days now. He was doing so on Saturday, and I was miserable wanting to join him. I could hear the giggling and very young voices of our long-ago grandchildren drifting up the stairway, and it took discipline for me to not go to the family room. But I was preparing for a presentation on "Priscilla on the Trail of Tears" at the Genealogical Society of Southern Illinois the next day. Spending the day watching videos wasn't the plan. But this week, I have joined him. It is startling to see the now grown-up grandkids once again as the delightful tots they were back then. And it is sad but stirring to see our parents and some friends we no longer have with us.

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