Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Birthday Breakfast with the Brothers

We woke early at our house as we had to get into Cracker Barrell, where Kenny, Garry and Ginger, Keith, and nephew Tim were all awaiting Gerald for his birthday breakfast. The standard order of the brothers is Country Morning Breakfast with "mock" eggs to go with the biscuits and gravy and a side of grits. The "boys" usually have to ask for more biscuits and gravy although the long-time waitresses know to bring it without being asked.

Garry encourged Ginger to order some sausage to go with her breakfast, as she is able to eat this meal better than any other since her stroke over four years ago, and he worries about her. She had to go to the gift store to find something for Easter for her great granddaughter, and she did. A darling little fuzzy lamb that made a baaa-baaa sound when squeezed. She had forgotten, of course, that she already had purchased the little girl a rabbit already at home, but Garry was happy to see her happy.

A Glasco brothers breakfast means constant laughter. Kenny was telling Tim all about his disappointment last night with his dog that did not have as good a nose in the cold as he'd hoped. Tim just smiled, but I fell for it never dreaming that Kenny (who I did not think coon hunted anymore) had made up the entire episode. Keith was proudly telling about his two baby Egyptian geese that have already hatched out. He was sure they'd freeze, but he says the tiny little darlings are marching around like they owned the world and the world was warm instead of cold. Garry entertained us with stories of going up on airplane rides with local friends and other chatter about local folk.

Before we got home, a phone call from our son let Gerald know Gerry was flying out today to go get his last load of dogs from Mexico. Actually his friend Rick had kinda filled us in on that plan before we left the Cracker Barrell. So suddenly Gerald's plan for his birthday was to take Gerry to the airport in Saint Louis. Since he had been trying to catch up to visit with him to hear about the Notre Dame games in California, Gerald was pleased.

With lots of cards and emails along with telephone calls from children and grandchildren, Gerald says he has had a good day. Of course, he did not get 60 yellow and peach roses like his sister in Wyoming did last week, but I don't know where we would have put 60 roses anyway!

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