Saturday, March 25, 2006

Blogging About Tahlequah on AmazonConnect

One of the younger women was telling some of the other women at class meeting the other night about my blog, and I was asked how often I write. Since there really is no rhyme nor reason to my frequency (other than available time), I did not know how to answer.

At that point, it dawned on me that I had not shared my blogging on AmazonConnect. For some reason, Amazon calls the entries a "plog" rather than calling it a blog. I had not meant to be secretive. But first I had trouble getting approved or validated or whatever phrase is used. And then we went on our trip and I did not write, and since returning, I have also had some problems with the system. And there is no easy e-address for the blog.

However, if you are interested in our recent trip to Tahlequah, there are a couple of entries on that subject. You can simply google "AmazonConnect" and go to the master directory of all the authors who have responded to Amazon's invitation to interact with one's readers by blogging there. The directory allows you to click on letters of the alphabet, and if you click on "G" you can find "Sue Glasco."

Or if you simply go to and select books and "Sue Glasco," you will go to my book. Click on the book and go to the second page. (I don't know why all books have two pages, but that is the way it is.) On that second page below the description of the book are my most recent posts. And a place at the end to click for previous posts.

I thnk that second page also has a place for reader reviews, and I would love it if you would write one on Down on the Farm--if it is a nice review. Ha. Ha. Months ago a friend in Colorado was going to write a review, and for some reason at that time neither she nor I could locate the spot for writing a review. I don't think it was there at that time.

Another puzzlement I have about the Amazon site is the Listmania--folks can write a collection or list of books. It can be your favorite books or any other category you want to create. I was put on someone's list, and their list is on my book page. I created a list of "Southern Illinois Authors," and for awhile it was on Jon Musgrave's book page only, and now it is not even there. I thought the list of recommendations would be on the pages of all the Southern Illinois authors I listed. Jon's picture of his book did not show up on the list even tho he had a picture on his book page and I tried to get it on the list just as I did for the other authors. I always blame myself when something on the computer or Internet doesn't work quite right, but I really think I did everything correctly. Ah well. I think there is a directory of all the Listmania lists someplace also, but I don't think I have found it yet.

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