Monday, September 25, 2006

More softball after dentist, dermatologist, doctor

Gerald and I barely made it to Benton this evening to see the last inning of the regional championship game for middle school girls playing softball. The game had been rained out on Saturday. The scoreboard said 1-0 when we arrived, and it was a relief to ask a parent fan and find Johnston City had the run.

We had debated whether we should go or not since Gerald got out of the doctor's office later than expected for a quick follow-up. But when you have sat through two-hour games followed by extra innings as we have sometimes done, we could imagine that the game might be barely half over and we decided to go to the game. The final inning was quick as was the entire game. I am sure the quick game was a relief to Johnston City people since they needed to scurry on to see the Homecoming football game that had been cancelled also on Saturday. Was the trip worth it to see one inning? We both agreed it was. Now the girls will travel to Pinckneyville on Saturday for the state tournament. (There will also be a state tournament for the softball teams in the northern part of the state.)

I started my day with a 9 a.m. dental appointment in Johnston City. I am still being very careful with my tooth because all the dentist did this morning was to create a longer post for me and put a temporary cap back on. I got done in time to pick Katherine up for her appointment with dermatologist at West Frankfort. I enjoyed the renovation of the former city hall while I waited for the completion of the minor surgery she was having done. Only then was there time to refill the gas tank--and I wished I had waited longer when I saw the reduction of price during the afternoon. That is not exactly true. I get very nervous when the marker hovers near empty, and it is worth quite a bit to me to feel the relaxation that comes when the tank is full again. We were almost ready to do a bank errand at a second bank when Katherine realized the time and the reason for the increased pain, nausea, and dizziness she was feeling. We left the bank deposit errand to hurry in to O'Charley's where she bought my lunch and she was able to take her belated meds with her food.

After I took Katherine back home, she fellowshipped with Lucy, their new Golden Doodle, who'd been alone all morning. I got to see Samuel and Josh coming in from school carrying the terranium Sam had made for a class project with two lizards--one he had found and one Josh had given him. Then I dropped off the empty med bottles from our church for Hands of Hope Clinic and hurried on to the agreed-on parking spot to meet up with Gerald.

One of the blessings of my wait there was reaching down to retrieve a lunch mint that I had dropped, and suddenly I saw my lost cell phone there under the front seat. I had searched and seached both Thursday night and Friday morning so I don't know how I had missed it. Although I have a great dislike for cell phones, I sure was glad to have it back. That same day I lost the phone, I had also lost a coin purse, so it made me feel less incompetent to have at least found one item!

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