Thursday, September 21, 2006

MRI, Softball, Copyrights

I am really too tired to blog, but I am already one day late on my self-imposed Wednesday deadline. Rather than be two days late, I'll write a bit.

I started the day getting ready for the Southern Illinois Writers Guild meeting tonight and ended the day going to that meeting.

In between I took Katherine for a needed MRI and another medical appointment,and then we went through the drive-in for a burrita for a 3 p.m. lunch at her house. Next I tried to turn in empty med bottles at Hands of Hope, but for some reason they were closed early. On to UPS for finally getting my coffee pot returned there. I'd received a new one because of arcing danger, the warnings said. It has barely been much more than a year since I went through the same thing with this coffee pot and made perhaps a poor decision to accept a new one for the bargain price of $40 I think it was. The company made it as convenient as possible to return the faulty pot, both last year and this. I know the coffee pot would not likely arc, but we all want to be safe once we have been warned. To busy consumers, this kind of recall is one of 21st century's annoyances--kinda like the spinach scare. Then I ran up to the beautiful Benton City Park to see Geri Ann pitch for Johnston City as they played West Frankfort in the regional tournament. I finally found a place to park in lots crowded by those attending a track meet as well as all the softball parents. Thinking I was late, I hurried across the swinging bridge to the ball fields only to find out our game did not start until 5:30 instead of 4:30. I watched until 6:20 guessing I could make it to the Guild on time. We were far enough ahead I was confident we were going to win. I hurried on to Writers Guild. I should have left at 6:15.

Professor Sue Liemer of Southern Illinois University Carbondale gave us a fascinating and informative presentation on copyrights, and everyone left a little smarter than we began. Finally back home at l0, I ate my supper sandwich while I read the newest Heartland Women that Lois Barrett had brought to share with the Guild. And now I have even made a only one day late blog entry. Yeah for me. I am going to bed.

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