Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Autumn Rains

Before we left for the weekend at Notre Dame, Gerald had picked the few ripe tomatoes in the garden and half a tub full of green ones. I still need to wrap them in newspaper although I see they are ripening quite well in the tub. I rescued Cecelie's soft fluffy aqua bear and little black-eyed raccoon from the patio, and they are sitting on the fireplace ledge in the family room awaiting her next visit. Good thing I did too because we have had constant rain since we got home at midnight Sunday. Last night the winds howled and over two inches more drenched us.

It was good news to hear from Gerry that rains also came and filled his ponds for the ducks at his hunting lodge in northern Mexico. He will be taking off for the new lodge in the Yucatan soon, and the pheasant-hunting lodge in South Dakota is shutting down soon.

The Archibalds were busy this weekend taking Aidan to the pumpkin patch, and then Tara was coaching Southern Force in the Chicago area. Bryan kept Aidan home out of the cold. We felt so sorry for the players in ND because the cold creates painful havoc on chilled fingers. They had the same trouble in Chicago and one player received a broken finger.

Brian was down and moved the Taylors' camper home. We will miss seeing it and thinking of them when we go by the farm on the Pittsburg road.

It was fun meeting other parents and grandparents at ND including the Bargars from California, where Erin is planning to go for Thanksgiving break. We are going to miss her bad at Woodsong. Actually, ND is on a fall break right now, but Erin could not come home. She is hoping to get in lots of her student teaching at a local school this week while her schedule is free.

Davie is studying photography in Seattle, Washington, and we miss him too. The family is scattered here and yon with everyone working hard at their various studies and occupations. That is a good thing, but I miss everyone. It feels like it has been forever since we managed a trip to Freeport, so I am really excited about plans to go see Leslie in Pajama Game in November.

I missed writing in "Woodsong Notes" last week, so I decided to write a day early this week. Maybe I will even get back on my Wednesday deadline tomorrow--if not, then next week.

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