Friday, October 06, 2006

The Crops Are In!!

What a great feeling when a farm family can say, "The crops are in." Our son-in-law Brian Taylor and friends worked Monday through Thursday on harvest, and all the corn and beans are safely out of the field. It is so scary to have a crop standing tall and beautiful and then to watch the radar screen telling you that rain, wind, and hail are headed towards your area. We have been very blessed with a good crop that is all gathered so early in October.

I can remember Gerald struggling to get our crops in by Thanksgiving--and one horrible year when he did not finish until Washington's birthday. Of course, he was doing it all himself with his own combine. And there were years when the combine had to have tracks to get through the muddy fields. The bad years make the good years even more appreciated.

Yesterday also ended the middle schools' baseball and softball seasons with the state tourneys for both in the lower half of Illinois at the Pinckneyville fields. I did not get to go to the Tuesday game when Carterville beat us. That linded us in the semifinals yesterday against O'Fallon. With a score of 5 to 2, we won third after nine innings. Cartervlle triumphed for first place over Marion, who won second.

Sunday morning I awoke with my first head cold of the season, but I felt fine on Sunday and Monday. Just a little runny nose. I have this theory that by my age I have already had all the various viruses and so I won't have many colds--and if I do, they won't be serious. By Tuesday, however, after I had taken Katherine to get stiches out and hear the good news about the biopsies, I was feeling tired out and miserable with runny eyes and nose. I went home as quick as possible.

My misery has continued through today although I did not cough as much last night and I could tell when I woke up that I am going into the final stage of this cold. I sat in the car yesterday to watch the game to keep out of the chilly air. Later I was to learn that Geri Ann had been ill throughout the game, but played anyway. She and her teammates are definitely tougher than I am. I cannot imagine having the courage to slide with bare legs in dirt filled with gravel. They do not hesitate. Our younger generation is quite impressive with their work ethic and physical strength.

She and her family are already in Indianapolis tonight for a weekend softball tourney with Southern Force. Tara and family will be meeting them there as she is coaching the 14 and under girls, while her dad coaches the 16 and under team.

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Eilers from Freeport. They usually arrive in the middle of the night. It is a long way down here. With the Columbus Day holiday on Monday, Jeannie and Leslie will be going over to the SIUC open house that day. Tomorrow they will go down to Belmont College in Nashville, TN. Elijah and Cecelie will stay here, and on Sunday we will celebrate Jeannie's birthday one week late. I am homesick to see all of them--especially Lige since he did not get to come the last time the others did.

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