Thursday, February 28, 2008

Chili and Softball at Woodsong on a Cold Winter Day

I slept late this morning because last night I unintentionally stayed up late trying to review family history after a distant (very distant) cousin joined our GlascoFamily yahoo group. I was still sleepy and in my pajamas devouring the newspaper and a bowl of cereal when Gerald yelled up from the family room that I had a phone call. I had already thought about the day’s agenda and had even decided the day before to make a pot of chili. I figured I would put it on when I finished the newspaper.

Our neighbor Marylea was on the phone with the announcement that she would be over in about an hour with a pot of chili for us! I am sure she was trying to say thanks to Gerald for having taken his front-end loader over recently and helped when hay was delivered for her horses. So I finished my morning routine, and long before lunch, here came Marylea with a crock pot full of chili for me to plug in and keep cooking. It was good!

Gerald had planned to take Katherine and Samuel for his checkup after his recent ear infections. He was leaving early to go by the hospital and see his brother Kenny and was backing out of the garage when Katherine phoned saying that doctor appointment was cancelled. But in addition to visiting Kenny, he still went by Katherine’s and left some of Marylea’s chili that I had put in his truck for sharing with her family.

We will be eating chili again tomorrow, and I will have a container yet to put in the freezer for next week. I did fix a different meal this evening, but phone calls to Gerald’s siblings took up the thirty minutes that we had between the double header games of Texas A&M with the University of Houston.

So we filled our plates in the kitchen and carried them down to again watch the second game with game tracker on Gerald’s computer. We do this and play the audio of the radio announcers there at the Aggie Softball Complex. It is not as good as being there, but it is the best we can do. We like hearing about the beautiful weather there while we look out and see snow on our lawn. And we like hearing Texas A&M continue to win. Their record is 18-2 now, and the coaches again voted them the number two team in the nation.

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