Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Life's Small Pleasures

Driving down our lane and seeing Jay and Winnie fishing at the lake and their daughter with them. (Winnie had told me their kids don’t want them out by themselves because of health issues.)

Planting red petunias in the planter Phyllis and Patty gave us a dozen years ago or so over at Pondside Farm when they were visiting from Florida for an Anna-Jonesboro High class reunion.

Picking out a huge container of pink petunias for the front porch. (Petunias make me think of my mother who always had a planter of them on her front steps at their Goreville home.)

Listening to grandson Elijah play the piano when the family was here coming home from Leslie’s in Nashville.

Pondering how our youngest grandchild Cecelie suddenly became so tall and beautiful. (She has always been adorable, but suddenly she is grown-up beautiful.)

Lige and Cecelie wanting Sam to come out for the night while they were here.

Having our friend Wendell out for dinner and reminincing.

Buying a couple books I’ve wanted for years for 20% discount from Bookworm at Illinois Centre Mall. (The pain is greater than the pleasure, however, since local writers and readers wanted Carl and Kelley to be there forever, but they must close this store. They too had certainly wanted it here for the future. They were wonderful to tout local authors. Thankfully they still have a great book store in Carbondale we can go to for new and used books.)

Seeing Jon Musgrave’s photo and story about an upcoming reading and then bumping into him at Bookworm for a brief visit and hearing about some interesting research he is doing.

Watching the hummingbirds enjoying supper on our deck while we enjoy ours inside.

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