Thursday, June 09, 2011

Spring Winding Up

We only watched the Women’s College Softball World Series two nights since Arizona State won both games, so the third game was not needed. Brian and Mary Ellen with Brianna’s help finished up the planting of their newly leased farm.

Now we will wait and hope for rain for them. It sprinkled for awhile at Katherine’s house yesterday while I was there, and she was excited thinking about Brian and Mary Ellen’s seeds in the ground. She was remembering how she delighted over rain back in her gardening days. (I enjoyed her lilies from those days as I walked into her house.)

Gerald has a small vegetable garden in good shape, and the huge lawn, which he spends a great deal of time mowing, is looking absolutely fantastic. My golden day lilies are blooming profusely beside the kitchen wall, and there are roses begging me to pick them for an inside bouquet. With all the rest of the nation, we are experiencing very hot weather that reinforces the calendar telling us that spring is almost over.

Summer activities have started. Sam and Josh came in, hot and sweaty from open gym at the high school yesterday afternoon, and joined us in their family room. Katherine handed them the remote control since we could watch reruns of Oprah anytime. It took me awhile to realize that those were not real basketball players on the screen as Sam and Josh played a virtual game complete with cheering crowd and some kind of costumed mascot parading around.

Sam had his bag packed and waiting in the living room since Brian and Brianna were going to pick him up to visit them in Waggoner and attend the Irish Days festivities up there.

Our downstairs door is unlocked tonight; and when I go to bed, I’ll turn on the outside lights for Tara. She, Maddux, and Payton are on the way down and will stop briefly before going to the first Southern Force tourney down south. Aidan,5, could not come because he has his first baseball game this weekend. That sounds young, but he is physically and mentally ready.

Jeannie just asked me on Facebook if they could stay here tomorrow night. That means they are on their way to Nashville to see Leslie’s first apartment and to attend one of her gigs singing and directing preschoolers towards healthy living.

Families must hurry to plan summer trips, vacations, and camping because school no longer starts after Labor Day but in the middle of the heat of August. Over a month of summer will be spent in the classroom by today’s kids. Lazy days of summer are a thing of the past.

I must get off here and call my sister and wish her a happy anniversary. Her daughters have been touting their parents on Facebook today.

Cyndi wrote: “Today..62 years ago.. God united in marriage two very unique people…Mom and Dad. Praying an abundance of blessings on these two very special people in my life!!!"

Gloria wrote: "We have the best parents!!! Anyone who can look at a picture of 2 little girls they’ve never met, drive l000 miles to get them & love us the way they have, deserve an abundance of blessings!!! Happy Anniversary to my Mom & Pop!!!"

Those two little girls are now beautiful women with beautiful grown children of their own, and Rosemary and Phil delight in those grandchildren’s children.

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