Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Letter 2012

I meant to post our annual Christmas letter earlier.  But then I haven't finished sending Christmas cards either.   (Well, almost all but local cards were in the mail before Christmas, which I felt was a noble accomplishment with the little free time I had.)  I love cards and letters so much during the holiday season that I really did not want to fail to send our cards.   If you don't enjoy end-of-the-year summaries, just skip this.  

                                                                      Woodsong Christmas 2012
Dear Friends and Relatives,
Here are some of the many happy happenings have brightened our lives this past year:  
Family gatherings at Easter and Thanksgiving,
Thanks to Tara and Bryan Archibald, three great grandsons to ride the tractor with Gerald and to charm Gma Sue,
Gerald’s breakfasts with his brothers and trips to softball games with nephew DuWayne,  
Gerald taking grandson Sam to  Knoxville to see University of Tennessee play basketball,
Celebrating Gerald’s birthday by going to Oxford, MS, and seeing the University of Georgia softball team sweep the three games there and seeing the three great grandsons there,
Sue’s traveling to Nashville with  Jeannie to Leslie’s senior recital and later to her bridal shower with the Eiler family, 
A wonderful May visit from Gerald’s sister Ernestine and her daughter Leah and little Emmy, 
Leslie and Mike’s college graduation from Belmont and Geri Ann’s graduation from Oconee High,
Having Geri Ann surprised with the National Softball Player of the Year trophy in an interview by Jessica Mendoza, and then watching the ESPN awards week which she and her parents were sent to in California,
Leslie and Mike’s wedding at our church in Crab Orchard with a party afterward in the barn on Brian and Mary Ellen’s new place-- the former Harold and Novella Rix home, 
Jeannie’s successful trip riding her bicycle from the Wisconsin border down to the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, 
Five grandkids here to help in Vacation Bible School at Center -- Cecelie (8th grade and violin player) Sam (sophomore and trombone player), Brianna (senior and clarinet player), and our two college sophomores--Elijah at Illinois State and Trent at Lincolnland,
Erin’s becoming assistant softball coach at North Texas State College in Denton, 
Seeing the fall colors and eating fish on the floating restaurant on the Ohio River,
Beautiful Brianna being in the Homecoming court at Lincolnwood High this month,
Other blessings too numerous to mention.
Nevertheless, our lives are drenched with sadness as we have had to witness the devastation that multiple sclerosis has produced for our daughter Katherine. Her suffering is difficult to watch, and yet she has to endure it--not just watch it.  Please pray that researchers might find a cure for this disease. 
We struggle to remember that Apostle John tells us he heard a loud voice saying, “He will wipe every tear from their eyes.  There will  be no more death or mourning or crying for pain…” Revelation 21: 4.  That verse is my scripture present to you. 
Love and Merry Christmas,

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Anonymous said...

Sue, I just read this letter and am glad to catch up with your family. My daily prayers go to Kathy and all of you as you deal with all. Love, Tossie