Thursday, May 16, 2013

Blooming Good

Although many of the iris buds had opened into purple shafts on Mother’s Day, the first full flower did not appear until the next day.  Two days later there were many blooms, and now iris bed is thick with more purple blooms than I want to count.   Gerald has the grass in great shape this spring, and he has the lake as free from algae as it has ever been, so looking out our lakeside windows is a visual treat.

We are enjoying accounts of our oldest great grandson playing Little League ball down in Georgia at the first of the week, and now his softball family are with the University of Georgia team in Tempe, Arizona, for the NCAA Regional tournament.  Our grandson Elijah has moved out of the dorm at the end of his sophomore year and is now attending an Inter-Varsity event in the Upper Peninsula.  Then after a brief visit back home in Freeport, he will return to Bloomington and be a first-time apartment dweller with a roommate.  His older sister Leslie is posting photos from Pennsylvania on Facebook instead of photos from Nashville.   I have no idea why she is visiting Pennsylvania.  Erin, who recently announced her engagement, has a new job and moved to Dallas.  Granddaughter Brianna will graduate from Lincolnwood High School tomorrow night and has only the summer before she is off to Murray University in Kentucky.  Sam received his driver’s license this week and is enjoyed the freedom this gives him.  It is exciting to try to keep up with our family as it is scattered throughout the nation, and I feel less land locked as I imagine their scattered activities. I admit to sadness at the time passing.  Seeing a photo of Bri on her last day of school holding a photo of her first day of school made me long to again hold that sweet angel of the past.  Nevertheless, I am happy and pleased at their growing up, and I like thinking of them busily engaged in life while Gerald and I have had to slow down.

We will be watching UGA’s first game at Tempe at 2:30 CST on Friday when we play San Diego State.   Hosted by Arizona State, the games will be on ESPNU. There are 16 regional tourneys with 64 teams competing all dreaming of going on to the Super Regional the next week and then to Oklahoma City. The 2013 NCAA Tempe Regional will feature Arizona State (45-10), Georgia (38-19), San Diego State (35-18) and San Jose State (42-15).  It is the 12th time in the UGA program history that the Bulldogs have been selected to participate in an NCAA Regional, all under Head Coach Lu Harris-Champer.  

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