Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Excitedly Awaiting New Computer

Yesterday we went to Carbondale, and I had my old computer checked out and bought a new one. It was the monitor gone bad as I suspected. However, the computer was old, and I figured while I was in the mood, it was time to go ahead and purchase a new one--hopefully the last I ever have to buy. (Hmmm. We will see how that plays out.)

Just getting all those wires untangled and the computer unhooked to take to the store was a big job; putting it all back together seemed daunting although Gerald would probably have helped as he installed it the first time.

I am at home now trying to clean my office a bit (an overwhelming impossibility for someone who collects paper) in preparation for the new computer's arrival. Gerald has gone for an eye exam and will bring the computer home. I am very excited. (Despite how I dread learning anything new. I do not like change.)

I need to leave my husband's computer now and go upstairs and put a roast in the oven for our evening meal since he is not to be here for lunch. I told my daughter after last night at Sam's wonderful 6th grade band concert that I'd bring them dinner tonight. She is getting her Tysabri infusion this afternoon that had to be postponed last week because of remaining infection from a pulled tooth. She is so very weak that I am praying the infusion will strengthen her again.

Maybe I will be ready to blog again in a day or two.

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