Friday, May 22, 2009

Storm, Software, and Softball

The recent inland hurricane (now being called a derecho) provides a background for life in Southern Illinois. Carbondale alone lost over 3000 trees, and communities in five counties share similar losses. Every roadside woods contain blown-over and uprooted trees in the midst of the surrounding standing trees.

As friends come in contact with one another, the first question is often, “Did you have much damage?” Because we all know of those with destroyed cars and homes, mostof us have to say our damage is small compared to many others.

Nevertheless, the storm changed our landscapes and our lifes and our prioities. Gerald has pitched in and helped other recover since our minor damage has not yet rated the attention of over-worked insurance adjustors.

He has also had to help me cope with my new computer. Now I have to learn to use it. Not everything is “go” yet despite a wonderful neighbor who came over and helped us install some programs. I hope to still find some lost files and to learn the “improvements.”

Softball games have filled our lives as much as the storm has. Last weekend we watched five games switching from seeing Erin and Texas A&M on ESPN in Gainesville, Florida, and sometimes switching to watch Gerry’s Georgia Dogs on game tracker as they played in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Georgia started touney play on Thursday and won their regional tournament by Friday. Erin began their regional tourney by making a homerun in the first inning—the only score in their game against Lehigh. In a double-elimination tourney and knowing they would face first-ranked Florida the next morning, we were rejoicing. Then we knew disappointment on Saturday evening to see Erin’s last game in her college career. After the somewhat expected loss to Florida (although they beat them last year in the World Series),they had their second loss against Lehigh that evening. So Lehigh was the team that advanced to play Florida, who won the Central Regional on Sunday. Erin, named an all region catcher, will be playing professional ball this summer before she returns to finish her A&M senior year.

Now we are watching Georgia and Ohio State play for two out of three games in the Super Regional down at Athens, Georgia. Bryan and Tara and the two little boys drove all night to arrive for this game.

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Meg in Tally said...

Wow! Sounds like a terrible storm...glad you are okay! This whole week we've had a storm hovering over us bringing lots of rain over the whole top half of the state. It "looks" like a tropical "acts" like a tropical storm...but the weather guys say it isn't "tropical". Well, I say if it walks like a duck....

Have fun in Oklahoma! Keep us posted!