Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Taking a Break from Woodsong and Trauma of the New Computer....

Yesterday we had company arriving at 4 a.m. and last bunch arriving at 4 p.m., so it was busy but fun around here. Mary Ellen fixed us all biscuits and gravy for breakfast yesterday morning. Then I fixed lunch and I think there were 14 who ate lunch between 2 and 4:30. Ha. At 7 or 8 p.m., the house was suddenly quiet again.

Mary Ellen’s family were down on Saturday to their camper to finish their planting—so they were in and out taking showers, etc. Her husband Brian finished planting his soybeans yesterday after he and Mary Ellen went to Centralia plant and got more seed. He worked late Saturday night expecting to finish and have Sunday off--then ran out of seed unexpectedly at 2 a.m. So he worried about getting more seed on a holiday and was grateful someone was there. He finished yesterday, and then he replanted a tiny bit of corn—but his corn crop looks beautiful.

He starts new job assignment in middle region of Illinois on June 1. He and Trent will stay in their camper up there until their new house becomes available. Mary Ellen and Brianna are going to World Series. Mary Ellen phoned tonight jubilant with the news that their house in Lake Saint Louis sold today. They completely redid the kitchen just to help it sell. She said it was definitely her dream kitchen, but she was not attached to it because she knew she was doing it for someone else. I don’t know how they do everything.

We are almost packed to leave early in the morning for the opening softball game on Thursday at the Women’s College World Series. University of Georgia will play Washington, and some people think Washington will will the tourney. We will see. It is University of Georgia’s first time at the World Series. When these two teams played earlier this year, each team won once.

One of my Texas nieces will also be in Oklahoma City area at the same time we are. She is house and animal sitting for her daughter and husband as daughter in vet school is away in California for some kind of internship or project. I am so pleased that without any planning on our parts, we will get to see each other there.

After Oklahoma tourney, we hope to go on to Amarillo to see my sister and her husband and their children and grandchildren. We’ll see.

My new computer is driving me crazy, but I am sure I will get used to it. The Outlook Express is now in Office Suites—and I can’t get e-addresses to record without individually entering each one by hand. GRRR. Mostly my address book (rather what used to be called address book but now is not) is empty. Very inefficient. I wish I were not so dumb. I wish even more that Outlook Express worked like it used to when it was easy to record e-addresses with a click. GRRRR.

I am glad to be taking a break from breaking in this new machine.

I will write again when we return if not before.

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