Monday, August 08, 2005

Grandkids all over the place....

Gerry and his daughter Erin are in Salinas, CA, with Southern Force for the Amateur Softball Association Gold Nationals. Since we won last year at Marietta, GA, folks are aiming for Southern Force. At that level of play all teams are very good, so we may be out in a hurry this year since the tournament has been changed from double elimination to single elimination. It will only take one slip-up to be out of the running. Gerry left at 3 a.m. Saturday from Johnston City to drive to Saint Louis and then fly onto California with practice games that afternoon and I suppose through today. There is no pool play this year, so the games begin in earnest in the morning.

Although 13 of her youth group ended up in the hospital when a fast-moving virus caught up with them in San Diego, Leslie was one of the more fortunate ones and is getting along okay--just a little weak her mother said. This was at the end of a productive and good week in Mexico where the kids interacted one-on-one with children at an orphanage.

After a second antibiotic and a final check up at a special clinic at Monroe, Elijah recovered from his serious ear infection and was able to board the plan with his paternal grandmother on Saturday. Gma Rosie is taking him mountain climbing in Newfoundland on an Elderhostel jaunt especially for one's grandchildren.

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