Thursday, August 11, 2005

I Had It All Wrong

Southern Force is still in the tourney at Salinas. I was incorrect that it was single elimination. Although we lost our first game to the Arizona Hotshots and, thus, went to the losers' bracket, we can continue to play. Yesterday we won over the RBI Monarchs.

Ginger's angiogram went well, and no blockage showed up. Garry got to take her home yesterday evening. In fact, as they were going through the village of Ware, Garry saw people going into the church there for prayer meeting and said to Ginger that they could go. Ginger replied that she was all ready and willing, so they stopped to give thanks before reaching their farm. (That is why when Ernestine called from camping in the Tetons to find out about Ginger, we were unable to reach Garry and Ginger at their house.)

Mary Ellen, Trent, and Brianna arrived around 11 last night, so Samuel woke up happy this morning to have two buddies to play with. Mary Ellen lingered over the breakfast table just as Brian knew she would--so we had a nice visit. They are off this evening for a long weekend at Hilton Head Island, SC, where Brian is to receive an award from work. (The trip is part of the reward.) So the kids are staying here while they are away.

I had a little late night adventure because Mary Ellen told me that Katherine's interior lights in her van were on--and the van was locked. Confidently, I got the van keys and assumed I could get them to turn off. After two trips to the van determined not to give up, I finally had to get Katherine (who knew SHE had not turned them on) and she got them turned off and she went back to Internet research for some product needed for their house remodeling--and I finally headed to bed.

I made a huge double recipe of egg plant casserole yesterday for supper (that I had planned to make on Tuesday) and a small cobbler from some apples the Cedars had brought and that no one was eating. I had washed them and placed them in a bowl on the dining room table and while they looked pretty, no one noticed them. (Of course, having watermelon from the garden to eat and peaches from Flamm orchards that I got from Krogers gave the apples some competition. But the cobbler went over well.)

Gerald had already cleaned out all the martin houses, and suddenly we are getting great flocks again flying around, lighting on the houses, and resting on the telephone line. We assume they are on their way to South America.

The ducks Gerald raised and one of the other young ducks who has joined their group and the two remaining young geese have finally overcomed their awkwardness and learned to fly well. It is a pleasure to see them flying above the water as well as swimming in it.

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