Sunday, August 14, 2005

Southern Force 2005

Another team from east of the Mississippi River won the 18 and Under Girls Softball Gold Nationals at Salinas. Southern Force was the first team east of the Misssissippi River to do so--last year at Marietta. Congratulations to Virginia Shamrocks.

Reflecting on the 2005 Summer season and the fact that the Gold Nationals at Salinas did not turn out as hoped, Gerry had to admit it was a great summer to finish 5th at the Champions Cup, win Orland Park and Cincinatti Sluggerfest, as well as Mattoon, and finish 3rd at Nashville, TN, with an overall record of 48-9-4. Congratulations to Southern Force, and best wishes to all the girls going off to play college softball. And may all the high school girls have a great year of study and play.

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