Monday, August 08, 2005

Keith's Birthday

According to custom, the Glasco brothers met this morning for breakfast to celebrate Keith's birthday today. I debated going, but when I heard Gerald up at 5:30, I still wanted to sleep. Unless sister Ernestine is here from Wyoming or something special is up, most of the sisters-in-law prefer sleep to breakfast. However since her stroke/seisure, Ginger wakes up and wants to go to early breakfast with Garry. I always have a twinge knowing I would especially enjoy visiting with her at the breakfast, but usually my desire to sleep wins out as it did today.

Gerald and I peeled eggplant together this morning, and I have enough cooked and mashed to make a double eggplant casserole tomorrow. And I put enough to do the same next winter in the freezer along with a couple quart bags of okra to fry at family gatherings--one of my kids' favorite vegetables.

My friend Phyllis emailed me to explain that she does cover her okra to steam it in the microwave and she even eats the stems of the frozen okra she buys and cooks these days.

The two large bundt pans of zuchinni bread I made on Friday are almost gone. I liked the one best with candied pineapple mango in it as well as nuts, but some of the others enjoyed the more plain bread with just the nuts.

Brianna and Trent were by on Saturday to play with Samuel, but the kids were too excited about playing to eat much. I fixed salmon patties to go with all the garden vegetables. Geri Ann and Sam were both taken up to the camper on Friday night to visit with Bree and Trent. I forgot to ask if they made smores again.

I am sure Brian was pleased to find his crops refreshed by the wonderful rain we had Friday. I got drenched as I left Aldi's with our groceries, but I did not care. The rain felt wonderful to me. We still haven't gotten much here at Woodsong though. Gerald's wonderful canteloupe and watermelon vines are dying.

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