Monday, August 08, 2005

Ken J. Boyer

We were very saddened on Saturday when we learned that Gerald's cousin Jo Boyer had lost her husband that morning. We will be going to his visitation at Anna funeral home tonight. His funeral is at 11 in the morning.

Jo, or Joyce as I called her at that time, has always been special to me because she was a beautiful teenager in a Sunday School class at our tiny village church at Ware, where Gerald and I first belonged together when we were just married while he finished his last year at SIUC. Then after he finished another year at the University of Illinois, we again belonged to the church at Ware during the three years we lived in Union County to farm the Orville Gambill farm in the Mississippi bottoms. Jo and her brother Larry Wenger were both in an Intermediate Training Union class there also if I remember correctly.

When the Boyers lived at Rochester, a Springfield suburb, we had mutual friends--Helen Ruth and Don Dillow. After they came back and lived at Anna for a number of years, the Boyers moved to Southeast Missouri. Since at that time Jo and I were both in family literacy work, I loved talking to her at family reunions.

I am so sorry the family has lost Ken.

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