Monday, July 18, 2005

Back home to Woodsong

We drove up to see Mary Ellen and Brian's new home yesterday and spent the night with them. After a drive with them around town and a stop at the DQ, we came back to their beautiful home, and they fixed dinner for us. After we were stuffed, we all took a walk up to their nearby park and around the track there, stopping to see the garden project at the edge of the park that Brianna and other children at the school across the streeet had created. Brianna walked Fifi on her leash, and Trent looked for buried treasure with his metal detector as the six of us walked. More visiting and bed.

We had been trying to keep in touch with Southern Force and had learned they beat the California Boxbusters, which was a neat feat. But late in the evening Sunday we were to learn that they were beaten by the Cruisers, so with a single elimination tournament SF was out. Thus, they ended tied for fifth place among all these great teams. We'd rather have been first, but the record is fine nevertheless. They flew out of California to Indianpolis today and will be home sometime tonight probably.

And then after leisurely enjoying morning coffee and the sweet rolls she'd made with Mary Ellen, we took off for home sometime before 11 this morning. It was fun seeing Trent and Brianna, and it was funny to see Fifi fall in love with Gerald. The more he pestered her, the more she liked him. We stopped for lunch at the Hen House at Okawville, where we have eaten down through the years, and then we drove around Okawville and came home on Route 15, which was a change from our regular route.

We got home around 3 or so and got caught up on mail, newspaper, emails, etc. Samuel has filled the art table with his bionicals. Fascinating display.

My friend Loretta shared an interesting tidbit from our Crab Orchard library last week. Two Washington Post reporters on their bycycles pulled off the highway and came into the library. They were on their way from Washington, D.C., to Oregon and plan to write a book about their travels. It was hot and they needed a drink. Behind one bike was a small trailer carrying their traveling companion--a dog named Daisy. Being the dog lover she is, Loretta enjoying bringing him into the library to cool off and have a drink and get acquainted. They may name their book Travels with Daisy a la John Steinbeck's Travels with Charley. We will be on the lookout for that book!

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