Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A Rainy Monday

It is after midnight, so I should be in bed. We have had a rainy Monday because of Hurricane Dennis reaching here with rain. But ours has been gentle all day long, and is great for our garden and for Brian's crops. We are praying that the soybean rust will not be brought with the rain.

I have paid bills, fixed lunch and supper and cleaned kitchen of course, filed some papers, worked a bit on genealogy, cleared some counter tops, wrote some letters, talked to a writer friend on phone, cleaned a bath tub, and generally did small necessary things that really don't show--but they must be done. These are the things that I neglect when life gets too busy, so I am very happy when I make a little progress catching up.

Gerald did some outside work before the rain started because he is always an early riser. He had a huge box of zuchinni needing a home. (I fixed some for lunch and will try to make zuchinni bread soon, but we can only eat so much.) So he took that box in to the Marion soup kitchen at the ministerial alliance building. Of course, he also read some, watched TV some, talked on phone, and was on the computer some. Then he fixed a garbage disposal for me that has been sounding strange--it turned out to have a small nail file down in there. I have no idea how that happened, for I have no memory of dropping one. But I am very glad to have the disposal working properly again now and that he did not have to go to town and buy a part! He also hung the beautiful humingbird plaster plaque Jeannie brought me for Mother's Day. It has four hummingbirds standing out in relief, and even identifies them. I thought I could remember the four types, but now my mind is blank: let's see--calliope seems to be all I can rememer.

A day's highlight was receiving copy of current issue of Happiness with a small article of mine in it.

Gerry called from California, and Southern Force has arrived there. He hopes to schedule a practice game tomorrow.

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