Saturday, July 16, 2005

More and More Green Beans

I got interupted awhile ago and forgot to say that later in the day Gerald went out and picked yet ANOTHER bushel of green beans. He washes them off with the hose outside. I have those now soaking in the sink for a final wash before they go into the fridge or to Mary Ellen's house or someplace. They'll be washed yet again after they are broken if they stay here.

He also picked a huge bucket of sweet corn, and I fixed six very large ears for lunch. Gerald said the biggest one had to be for Sam and challenged him to eat the whole thing. Sam showed him. He ate that ear and another entire large ear!

And there is another box of zuchinni in the garage that Gerald picked. We'll have to give most of them away.

Our newphew Bryce and son Lex came fishing, and it was fun to see them today.

Southern Force did very well in pool play, but we haven't been able to hear about today's games in the actual tourney. This tourney turns out to be single elimination, so one loss and you are out. Nervewracking!

Little Cecelie was flower girl at a wedding today up in Freeport. The bride was her special friend at church, and Jeannie is concerned about Cecelie missing her now when she goes onto her new married life. Leslie sang at the wedding. I hope I get to see a video or photographs.

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