Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Summer Daze

July is scurrying by so fast with so much busyness around here that I want to slow it down--the scorching hot slow-moving way I think summer should be. It seems to me that July should drag--not fly. Katherine and David are working so hard emptying and boxing up EVERYTHING in their house for the remodeling. I do not know how they are doing it. David's mother and his work friends and their church friends have all helped them greatly, but there is much that only they can do. I get overwhelmed by the complexity and confusion of it when I go to try and help for a couple of hours as I did yesterday after I had taken yet another box of Gerald's zuchinni by the soup kitchen.

Gerald and Samuel took corn and tomatoes up to welcome Gerry and Vickie's family home from California. Geri Ann came home with them, and the kids played as hard as they could until Sam and Gerald took Geri Ann back home at bedtime. We enjoy seeing how well the cousins play together. (I don't think cousins are as inclined to fight and be as jealous as siblings are.)

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