Friday, July 08, 2005

Summer's Magic Carpet

Well, I discarded the defective watch, and I did get the cupcakes delivered--a day late. But the family has their new house all painted, carpet ripped out and new carpet chosen, and everything looking lovely just waiting for them to be able to move in.

And now my daugher and family will be going through much the same type turmoil as they remodel their home to make it accessible. Such a shame that early builders had not thought through universal design and made their houses with human beings' limitations in mind. Just a few more inches on doorways and hallways makes all the difference. Every new building should be created with the needs in mind of pregnant women, wheelchair riders, the aged and the feeble. I love being able to enter our house without having to make a single step up to go inside the front door. The gently sloping sidewalk is atttractive and makes a step unnecessary to get upon our front porch.

The church youth minister and wife and some kids and some adults were all at my daughter's yesterday packing, packing, packing getting things into rented storage so the contractor can have room to work--and the items packed away will be free from the dust and plaster that will be flying as rooms are torn up.

Last night we were taken away from daily mundane duties by enjoying the second annual Marion Community Unit 2 Summer Music Workshop presenting Disney's Alladin, Jr. from the Broadway Junior Collection. It is always fun and with a feeling of some glamour that we attend anything in Marion's beautiful new Civic Center. The tens and tens of children and parents who had worked on the production gave us a great show--full of gorgeous colorful costumes and acting that seemed beyond the capabilites of kids so young. But many of these young students have a large number of productions already on their resumes, and they are seasoned and talented actors. Many of the little ones performing for the first time in the chorus and group scenes will soon be as talented. It was good to happen to sit near Yolande Peterson (without whose hard work the Civic Center could not have been built) and have the opportunity to visit with her.

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