Sunday, July 24, 2005

Woodsong Visitors on a Sunday Afternoon

Gerald's brothers Kenny and Garry and his wife Ginger came for a Sunday afternoon visit. Ginger looked great, perfectly groomed as always with carefully matched accessories to her attractive outfit, hair coiffured becomingly, and smiling and cheerful.

Ginger had brought me a sweet music box as a housewarming gift soon after we moved here in fall 2001. Because we had been trying to get rid of things when we made the moved here, I was taken by surprise when people started bringing us housewarming gifts. Within a week of her gift that I thought was unnecessary tho appreciated, Ginger had a serious stroke/seizure, and we almost lost her. Then I would play the music box and know how prescious it was to me, for I was afraid that visit was my last visit from her.

However, Ginger got well and has continued to do so altho with some serious setbacks at various times. Unfortunately, her short term memory has not returned. Much of the first confusion after the stroke has disappeared, but not the short term memory loss. Very intelligent, she is aware of the loss and is frustrated but resigned. She handles it graciously and with humor. She will say, "I may have already asked you this...." And she has. But she is still good company and an interesting conversationalist, and we talked hard and fast all afternoon while the brothers visited.

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