Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sunday Down on the Farm

It has been a welcome lazy day. After worship, we picked up one of Marion's new $5 pizzas, brought it home, and added fresh garden tomatoes and lunched without work or clean-up. Yeah!

Brian and the children had come down to Wayside Farm yesterday and were camping there. Sam had gone out to play with Trent and Bree last night and they all enjoyed smores around the campfire when Dave and Katherine picked up Sam. So we took the last of their kids' left-behind VBS stuff to them before they left for home and city life, and we took the last of Geri Ann's VBS stuff to her house so they would have it for their trip with Southern Force to Irvine, California, tomorrow when they get home from Champaign sometime today.

I am trying to get everything left behind out of the house because soon the Cedars will be staying here for awhile. I have been moving dress-up clothes into the "art room" from one of the guest bedrooms. I think that will work better cause the kids get pretty messy when they are in the middle of the stress of putting on a show. Now the costume mess can be in the "art room" and out of that bedroom where clothes got tossed on the floor and confused with clothes of who ever was trying to sleep in that room.

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Robert Martin said...

$5 pizza garnished with home grown tomatoes sounds pretty good! I'm growing some tomatoes, but they aren't ripe yet.